Never underestimate your being.

Boat_Studio_Leagues_You_Belong_Here_1I hope you realise how different the world would be without you in it. That you were needed here to do exactly what you do, feel exactly how you feel, and love exactly as you love. Through your presence hopefully you’re enriching the lives of another and if you’re serving valuable lessons in their life and your own. You exchange energy with so many people each and every day just by walking or driving past them. Everyone one of them is affected by you, whether unknowingly or knowingly. You extending a helping hand to someone could change their day, week, life. Please never underestimate your being. You really hold an amazing amount of responsibility here. If the universe didn’t want you here, you wouldn’t be here. Realise how incredible that is and be ever so grateful you get to experience this life no matter how weird, hard and dumb it can be sometimes. You were chosen just as you agreed to come and that is enough alone. Make the best of it and make this short little journey the best it can be for yourself and others. 

Every path walked is walked for a reason, and every day is full of blessings no how big or small. What you give and focus on, you receive. Always consciously redirect your energy towards what you want to experience. If you want to love, you must first embody love. If you want happiness, you must express happiness. Be kind and the world will be kind back to you, always. 

I miss you Toots. Happy Wednesday. X 


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