My thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Please stop supporting this in this way! Wake up and put things
into perspective.


To put the waste this campaign has caused into simple terms, let’s just assume everyone taking part in the challenge (in america for example) is using a five gallon bucket. Now multiply that number by the more than 1.2 million videos shared over Facebook since the 1st of June. Based on that assumption with 5x 1,2000,000, over 6 million gallons of water have been poured out in the name of the Lou Gehrig’s disease. The average american household uses 320 gallons per day which then means that nearly 19,000 homes daily water usage has been wasted and with that, that’s not taking not account the videos posted online which often depict multiple people, sometimes even entire organisations/large groups, taking part in the ice bucket challenge, often using more than one bucket of water per every video.

I do understand that everyone taking part wishes to be supportive of this disease and helping those who have been diagnosed but most participants don’t even follow up the challenge by donating to the cause. Stop wasting precious resources we have been given. There are humans in this world, our world, who don’t even have enough water to drink and there are areas in drought, yet millions are so thoughtlessly wasting what we are blessed with.

You could and probably will argue that the water being thrown is not a waste and that people don’t always use a large amount water. Various sizes of bowls and buckets are being used and you could even argue that outside the water falling goes into the ground which waters the plants and turns into precipitation via the water cycle etc. and I understand the point of the campaign is that ALS is so misunderstood and underfunded that if it takes the ice bucket challenge just to make someone Google or ask about ALS, then this is a step forward in the right direction.

But please wake up. Pouring and wasting a bucket of ice cold water, yes is providing your Facebook friends with a mere 15 seconds of laughter, but looking deeper into things, you’re adding to more universal problems, most without even thinking twice.

icee  iceee

There’s over 7 billion brains on this planet and if you don’t think one of those brains couldn’t create another way to bring this disease into awareness besides wasting such a precious resource, then I’m deeply saddened as to where our collective conscious is at. If you’ve had to live in another’s shoes and spend a day even without water I think you’d understand how serious the matter actually is.

I guess this challenge is not really the source of the problem but it is contributing to it. I guess that water is, at least, raising some level of awareness for ALS, so it has some level of purpose.. to an extent. I also acknowledge that when the ice water is poured on you your nerves are affected just like people suffering with ALS, but still. Surely there’s another way to raise awareness?

I understand that this is quite a negative post but I just wish people would think before they act.
It wouldn’t come as a surprise if our next war is over clean water and well, just water. People can and always will argue that there are other ways that we waste water, but this is wasting the resource in the most disrespectful, conscious way.

I’m certain that most people taking part haven’t even thought twice about this, but I guess this is just my opinion on the challenge. I hope all those taking part have gained some knowledge on ALS and have donated whatever viable.

Happy Friday. X


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